Hourly rates for unassisted and assisted access to cytometers and cell sorters in effect starting on November 1, 2016:

Instrument Unassisted Assisted
Accuri C6 $15 $75
Biosorter $60 $105
CytoFLEX LX $55 $100
Evos FL Auto $10 $75
FACSCalibur $42 $92
FACSJazz $52 $100
LSR II $52 $100
LSRFortessa $55 $100
MoFlo Astrios $60 $100
  • The hourly fee for semi-assisted cell sorting is equal to the fee for unassisted cell sorting. A setup fee of $17 will be applied to each semi-assisted sort for setting up the instrument, installing the correct sorting device, assistance with setting up the gates and the sorting logic, as well as assistance for checking that the streams are correctly aimed into the collection tubes. Charges at a rate of $50/hour may apply for performing additional tasks (compensation, resetting the instrument after air intake, removing clogs caused by samples that were not filtered immediately prior to loading them, or for addressing other errors in operating the sorter).
  • Yearly FlowJo licenses are available at a rate of $275/year. Click here to request a FlowJo license
  • Rates for custom assays will be provided upon request.

  • The fees listed on this page apply to researchers affiliated with CHOP or University of Pennsylvania. Other investigators should contact us for pricing information.