New Users

New users should request access to the Flow Cytometry facility at CHOP by sending an email message to flowcytometry [at] or directly to any staff member; the message should contain your full name, phone number and the name of your PI. The staff will create an account on the scheduling system and will provide you with log in information.

A registration form must be filled out online in order to ensure proper invoicing.

Everyone is encouraged to set up an appointment with a lab member for an orientation and to discuss training and biosafety requirements.
Check the Tools page for a list of online training resources. The staff will provide theoretical, instrument and software-specific training upon request.

Users interested in cell sorting are suggested to watch The Art of Sorting (Beckman Coulter) in order to become familiar with the principle of electrostatic droplet sorting. Guidelines for preparing samples for cell sorting are given as a starting point; the staff will provide feedback to each researcher to help with protocol optimization in order to ensure successful cell sorting. A biosafety questionnaire has to be filled out and signed by the investigator who brings the samples and by the principal investigator.

Researchers from University of Pennsylvania can receive access to Core Facilities at CHOP after a one-time registration process: