Access to instruments

Access to flow cytometry instruments (cytometers, cell sorters) is provided non-stop to users carrying a CHOP ID. Penn users who receive an Access Token and investigators not-affiliated with CHOP may use the facility only during business hours.

  • Cytometers

    • CytoFLEX LX (blue, red, yellow-green, violet, near-UV and infrared lasers; 21 color detectors, Beckman Coulter)
    • LSRFortessa (blue, red, yellow-green, violet and UV lasers; 18 color detectors, BD Biosciences)
    • LSR II (blue, red and UV lasers; 8 color detectors, BD biosciences)
    • FACSCalibur (blue and red lasers; 4 color detectors, BD Biosciences)
    • Accuri C6 (blue and red lasers; 4 color detectors, BD Biosciences)
  • Cell sorters

    • MoFlo Astrios (Beckman-Coulter) equipped with 4 lasers (violet, blue, yellow green and red), encased in a class II biosafety cabinet
    • FACSJazz (BD Biosciences) equipped with blue and red lasers, 6 color detectors, encased in a class II biosafety cabinet
    • Biosorter (Union Biometrica) sorter for large particle (cell clusters, neurospheres, pancreatic islets, C. elegans, zebrafish) equipped with blue and yellow-green lasers and three color detectors.

    End users who require cell sorting at least once a week are encouraged to consider the option of learning how to operate the cell sorters existing in our facility. Training is available upon request.

  • Fluorescence imaging system

    • Evos Fl Auto is a fully automatic digital imaging system, fully controlled through software. It has long working distance objectives (1.25x, 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x), color camera for bright field and phase-contrast imaging, monochrome camera for fluorescence detection, up to four colors fluorescence detection, motorized 3D stage, touch-screen monitor. DAPI, GFP, RFP and Cy5 light cubes are available. The built-in software is capable of scanning slides or plates, time-lapse imaging, and Z stacks.
  • Cell counter

    • The Countess is an automatic hemocytometer based on bright field and fluorescence imaging. It is capable of counting live and dead cells and measuring the average cell size in as little as 10 seconds. A reusable slide is available in the flow lab. Disposable slides may be used as well (must be provided by investigator).