Cell sorting services

We offer three cell sorting options: full-service, semi-assisted and unassisted.

  • Full-service sorting is available on all three sorters: MoFlo Astrios, FACSJazz, and Biosorter. The end-user is required to bring stained samples and controls to the flow lab, confirm with the operator of the sorter that the gates and the sorting logic are correctly set and ensure that the goals of the project are well understood by the operator. This is particularly important when different cell numbers of cells need to be collected from each sample. This type of sorting should be scheduled online and relevant details (fluorochromes, number of samples, type of collection tubes) should be included in the description of the reservation. Contact the staff is clarifications are needed.
  • Semi-assisted sorting is available at lower hourly rates; in order to request this type of service end-users have to learn how to monitor the sorts and how to load samples and collection tubes on the sorter. The end-user must be present in the flow lab during the sort. When reserving the sorter online, please make sure that the option "semi-assisted" is selected from the drop-down list. Typically a training session of 1.5 hours is sufficient for learning the basics of monitoring a sort. A staff member will be available to troubleshoot eventual incidents. Additional charges may be applied for special settings or for troubleshooting required due to air intake after running a sample dry, clogs etc. Users are strongly encouraged to schedule full-service sorting for problematic samples.
  • Unassisted sorting is available only for fully trained users and it is offered as an option to those researchers who need to sort their cells late in the evening or during weekends. Full training is required for unassisted sorting followed by multiple sorting sessions that include startup and shutdown of the sorter under staff supervision. It is expected that during unassisted sorts the end-user starts and sets up the sorter and troubleshoots any unexpected events (clogs, air intake, etc.) with no staff intervention.

All users requesting cell sorting services have to fill out a biosafety questionnaire. Appointments for cell sorting should be made on the online scheduling system and the staff who will operate the sorter will contact the end-users to request more details on the project, as needed.

New users should check our Guidelines for planning a cell sorting experiment.

Cell sorting services performed by staff includes temporary storage (6 months) and data transfer using the ShareFile system.